I read some absolutely amazing books in June (even though I totally failed at my TBR), so here are some books I am so excited to get to in July!

House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

I bought a copy of this book back when it first came out, simply because of how gorgeous the cover is. This is a horror fairy tale following three sisters who disappeared from their Scottish home town ten years ago. After being returned a month later with no memory of what what happened, strange things keep happening to their family. Now, one of the sisters is once again missing, and the main character of this novel is determined to find her. I have heard this book is creepy in the best way, so I am excited to pick it up!

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

I was originally hoping to get to this book in June, but I guess July will have to do since I just got my copy from the library! But this book is obviously by the same author of Red, White and Royal Blue, which took the book community by storm. The GoodReads synopsis for this is very short, but I know this is a love story between a girl in present day, and her subway crush who has actually time traveled from the 1970s. That sounds very interesting, and I am excited to read this contemporary with a sci-fi twist!

A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

This was on my June TBR as well, but I decided to pick up Addie LaRue instead, which I loved. So obviously, now I have to read all of V.E. Schwab’s books. I have heard really mixed things about this series, but have had this book on my shelf for quite some time and need to give it a shot. I also am unsure what it is about, but it’s V.E. Schwab, which is all I need to know.

The People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

I’m going to the beach in July, so this obviously looks like a perfect beach read. While I didn’t have feelings one way about Beach Read by this same author, I have heard some amazing things about this book so I am very excited to pick it up. I’m not exactly sure what it’s about, but I think its friends-to-lovers and opposites attract, which are both tropes I really enjoy.

Season of Migration to the North by Tayeb Salih

I have been reading a lot of different types of literature for my class this summer, and surprisingly have really been enjoying it. Therefore, I am really hoping to include more classics from around the globe into my reading habits. This is a classic that takes place in Sudan in a village along the Nile. I don’t really know much about it, but I have heard really great things, and it’s fairly short.

Emma by Jane Austen

Speaking of literature, it is about time that I read Emma by Jane Austen. I loved Pride and Prejudice when I read it in January, and since then have been on a mission to read the rest of Jane Austen’s works. I read the first few pages of Emma in June but put it down, so hopefully July is finally the month that I can dive into this 18th century classic.

Namesake by Adrienne Young

The minute I finished Fable back in May, I knew I had to get my hands on Namesake and picked it up the following day. Fable was such an action-packed high seas adventure, with an ending that I really didn’t see coming. I have heard such great things about the second book in this duology, and know that if it is anything like the first book I’m going to love it.

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

I read You Deserve Each Other by this author last year, and just fell in love with it. I loved the writing style, the banter, the enemies-to-lovers relationship it was just the perfect romance book! So of course I have to read Sarah Hogle’s newest book! I honestly haven’t heard much about it and don’t know what it is about, but I have seen some great reviews and am hoping to dive into it in June!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

I started reading the Harry Potter series for the first time this year, and have found it to be a very comforting series that I can easily hop right into. I’ve heard that this is the book that makes people fall in love with the series (but I’ve also heard that with Goblet of Fire, so we’ll see). But this just seems like another book that would be great to read at the beach, or just during a relaxing summer day.

Let me know which books you want to read in July!

5 thoughts on “July TBR: Books to Read in July

  1. House of Hollow is one of my favourite reads this year! Really hope you enjoy it. I also read Pride and Prejudice in January and it remains of my favourites this year. Also made it a challenge to read all the Jane Austen books this year. Hope you love all your reads!


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