Book Reviews (Alphabetically by Author’s Last Name)

Here’s a link to my book reviews listed by author’s last name. I always try to start off with a summary of the book, and then delve deeper into my thoughts or opinions about the book. I read a large variety of genres, but usually lean towards historical fiction, YA, and romance.

I rate my books on a 5 star system. It goes something like this:
5 stars: loved it!
4 stars: thoroughly enjoyed it
3 stars: okay…
2 stars: I didn’t like it, but there were some redeemable qualities
1 star: disliked everything about it!

I also use half stars (ex. 3.5) in cases where I am on the fence between two numbers. My reviews also may include links to Goodreads if you are looking for more information.

That being said, I would recommend any book that catches your interest! I see many reviewers say that they recommend books 3 stars and over, but just because I gave a book a lower rating does not by any means indicate it is a bad book! A 2-star book for me may be a 5-star book for you! Read any book you want, despite the reviews anybody gives it.

To read my review, simply click on the title and it will redirect you to it!

About me
Hi! I’m Nadia. I really enjoy reading and would love to chat about books with you! Feel free to contact me here or connect with me on social media. Happy reading!

Professional Reader


Adeyemi, Tomi / Children of Blood and Bone / 2.5 /Book 1
Ahmed, Samira /Internment/ 2


Berry, Julie / Lovely War / 4
Brody, Jessica and Rendall, Joanne / Sky Without Stars / 1 / Book 1


Cruz, Angie/ Dominicana/ 4


Green, John/ Looking for Alaska / 4
Guillory, Jasmine /Royal Holiday/ 2.5 / Book 4


Harmel, Kristin / The Room on Rue Amélie / 3
Hoang, Helen / The Kiss Quotient / 4 / Book 1


Ishiguro, Kazuo / Never Let Me Go / 4


Joukhadar, Zeyn / The Map of Salt and Stars / 3


Keith, Ellen / The Dutch Wife / 4


Lee, Hyeonseo / The Girl With Seven Names: A North Korean Defector’s Story / 4
Lim, Elizabeth/ Reflection/ 3


Mafi, Tahereh / Restore Me / 3.5 / Book 4
Menon, Sandhya / When Dimple Met Rishi / 4
Menon, Sandhya / 10 Things I Hate About Pinky / 3
Morgenstern, Erin / The Night Circus / 5


Obama, Michelle / Becoming / 5
O’Leary, Beth/ The Flatshare/ 3.5


Pan, Emily X.R. / The Astonishing Color of After / 5


Rai, Alisha / The Right Swipe / 4
Rogerson, Margaret / Sorcery of Thorns / 2
Rowell, Rainbow / Fangirl/ 2


Thomas, Sherry / The Magnolia Sword: A Ballad of Mulan / 2

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