Enemies-to-lovers is definitely one of the most popular tropes in fiction, and definitely one of my favorites! So today, I have compiled a list of my favorite books that feature the enemies-to-lovers trope, across all different genres.

Leave me your favorite enemies-to-lovers book recommendations in the comments below, because I am always looking for more to add to my list!

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

When I think of my favorite enemies-to-lovers story, this is definitely the first book that comes to my mind! This follows Naomi, who has the perfect fiancé, Nick. The problem is, she can’t stand him. They are constantly fighting, on each others nerves, and Nick never defends Naomi in front of his mom. Both Nick and Naomi want to break off the wedding, but Nick’s mom has already placed a huge down payment on it, and whoever calls it off has to pay it. So, Naomi is on a mission to find Nick’s breaking point. This was an absolutely perfect romance. I thought the idea of having enemies-to-lovers within an engagement was a super unique idea. Even though it sounds like it wouldn’t work, it totally did, and this quickly became one of my favorite books.

Twice Shy by Sarah Hogle

While I am gushing about Sarah Hogle, I have to mention her newest book as well! This is more of an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers book, which I loved so much. This follows Maybell, whose Great-Aunt Violet has just passed away. Maybell is told that she is inheriting Violet’s estate in the Smoky Mountains, so she quits her job on the spot, determined to use this estate to help jumpstart her dreams. However, she is very thrown off when she gets there and finds Wesley, a groundskeeper who has been given joint-inheritance. Maybell and Wesley have very different ideas of what to do with the house, and find themselves butting heads with one another over everything. Mental health and anxiety were a huge part of this book, which I haven’t read much of in romance novels. It gave this book the perfect substance that it needed, making it the perfect blend of cute and serious.

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller

If you are looking for a high fantasy novel with a great enemies-to-lovers romance, this is the one for you! This book follows Alosa, who has purposely been captured by her enemies to find the map that will lead to the sea’s greatest treasure. The only one standing in her way? Riden, the first mate who has been tasked with making sure Alosa stays out of trouble. This is a classic instance of “do I want to kill you or kiss you?” and it was so well done! Riden was such a gem of a character, and probably one of my favorite love interests ever. I read this book in literally a day, so I would highly recommend picking this up!

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

This is a perfect blend of enemies-to-lovers and second chance romance! This book follows Rhiannon, who has just set up her own dating app meant to protect girls from predatory men. Rhiannon has even used her own app to meet Samson, a pro football player who she fell for, hard. That is, until he ghosted her with no warning. Rhiannon has tried to forget about Samson, but that proves to be difficult after he partners up with Rhiannon’s rival dating app. Alisha Rai is an author who always writes romance novels with such diverse characters. I’ve read all three books in the “Modern Love” series, and this has definitely been my favorite!

Well Met by Jen DeLuca

This is a great enemies-to-lovers/ opposites attract romance! This book follows Emily, who has just relocated to a small town that is known only for the giant renaissance faire they hold each year. Emily is reluctant to join the faire, but decides to participate after her niece needs a chaperone. Emily has a bunch of great ideas, but each one is squashed by Simon, who is determined to keep the faire the exact same year after year. Emily feels like Simon is constantly belittling her, but once they are in character, their chemistry is undeniable. This was such a dreamy romance and I thought the setting at a renaissance faire was such a cool idea!

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

This book follows Pepper, whose family owns a massive chain restaurant, Big League Burger, whose popularity is growing all over the country. Meanwhile, Jack is fed up because Pepper’s restaurant has stolen a grilled cheese recipe that has been in his family for ages. After Jack tweets about Big League Burger stealing their recipe, Pepper responds, using Big League Burger’s account, and the interaction goes viral. Now, Jack and Pepper are in an intense Twitter battle, and neither one of them are going to give up. This was such a cute, fluffy, cheesy romance that I flew through. It will definitely put a smile on your face!

Let me know your favorite enemies-to-lovers books in the comments below!

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