A few weeks ago I created a post about books that I think are worth the hype they receive, and I really enjoyed it! So, I decided to create a part 2!

For my original post, click here.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Literally, if I could have every person in the world read 1 book, it would be THUG. This book is so important, following our main character Starr after she watches her innocent best friend get shot by a police officer. I reread this a few months ago in the light of the George Floyd murder, and it was even more impactful than the first time. For my full review, click here. And for a master doc containing BLM resources, click here!

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

This is definitely one of my favorite books of all time! This is book follows Natasha, a high school student who is a day away from being deported back to Jamaica, and Daniel, an aspiring poet who is determined to make Natasha believe in love. This one day romance is the only story I’ve read with Instalove I can get behind. It is just so much fun but will also make you cry.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This is so basic that I’m not even going to go into detail what it’s about. But I reread the original Hunger Games trilogy last year and I am happy to say that it held up for me! So, if you have been putting off reading it for years, this is a sign that you should try it! Also, a disclaimer: I am not including a Ballad of Songbirds in Snakes, just the original trilogy! 🙂

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

I literally love this book with all my heart. The Night Circus is definitely one of my favorite reads ever, following a whimsical, mysterious circus that only appears at night. After it closes, it disappears and relocates to a new town with no warning. I can understand why this book wouldn’t be for everyone, as it is a bit like a puzzle to put together everything. But I absolutely adored it and can’t wait to read Erin’s other book soon.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

If you are at all interested in romance novels, I know you have definitely heard of this book! It is an enemies to lovers story with fake dating (the greatest tropes- agh!) that follows Olive and Ethan. After a disastrous wedding that left the bride and groom sick, Olive and Ethan are offered the chance to take their nonrefundable honeymoon to Hawaii. The only catch: they have to pretend like they are madly in love in order to fool the resort staff that they are newlyweds. This was such a cute, tropical romance perfect for summer!

Turtles All the Way DOwn by John Green

John Green is an author who you either love or hate. I have read 3 of his books, but this is the only one I absolutely loved. This follows Aza, a character who struggles with OCD. This is an OwnVoices story, so I feel like I learned a lot about OCD and how it effects people in their day to day lives. If you are wanting to try a John Green book, this is one that I would highly recommend!

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune

This is actually a book I just finished recently, and I am literally obsessed. This book follows Linus Baker as he completes a classified mission for the Department in Charge of Magical Beings. He is sent to an island that houses magical children, including a talking gnome, a green blob, The Anti-Christ, and more. This book had some of the greatest character development I have ever seen and will leave your heart feeling so warm and happy. This is definitely one of the greatest books I have ever read.

Let me know what you think about these books! Were they worth the hype for you?

7 thoughts on “7 Books That Are Worth The Hype- Part 2!

  1. Ah yes thank you for the encouragement to read The Hate You Give… I’ve been hearing about how impactful and eye-opening it is so it has become a priority! Definitely agree that The Hunger Games lives up to the massive hype, one of the only dystopias during that phase that did in my opinion. Thanks for all the recs, especially Turtles all the way down! 😊

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  2. Super agree with you about THUG, Cerulean Sea, and The Sun is Also A Star 😍 I love love loved those books so much! The only one that I struggled with on this list was The Night Circus. I was disappointed that I didn’t end up loving that one as much as everyone else seemed to. I did enjoy the writing but I never felt invested in the characters and everything they go through! Great list though 🙂

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  3. I have not read any of those books but The House in the Cerulean Sea and The Night Circus are on my to read list – I borrowed The Night Circus from my library a few months ago and read the first few chapters buts I had so many other books to read at the time I had to put it back. Want to get back to it soon!

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