Last week, I created a post about books that I think deserve all the hype (you can find it here), and today I am doing the opposite, and discussing the books that I don’t think are worth the hype!

Of course, I feel like I have to start with a disclaimer. These are my own opinions, and I’m not saying these are bad books. They just didn’t meet my expectations!

Spinning Silver by Noami Novik

Guys… can someone please help me understand? This book sounded like everything I could ever want: a feminist Rumpelstiltskin retelling set in medieval Russia? And it has such a high rating on GoodReads! But I just couldn’t get into it! I tried the audiobook, I tried the physical book, I tried both at the same time, but it was just so boring to me. I didn’t connect with the characters and the plot just moved too slowly.

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rgoerson

This is another book I was sure I was going to love. I heard such great things about it and the cover is stunning! However, this put me in a 2 month reading slump. The main characters were bland and the plot was not enough to keep me invested in this book. I must say that I did enjoy the world, but that is about it. I’m so bummed I didn’t like this one because it seems to be so beloved by many!

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

Oh goodness… this was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I even bought the B&N exclusive edition because I was sure I would love it! Unfortunately, I just didn’t care for this book. The characters didn’t stick out to me in any way, the romance wasn’t my favorite, and the plot just felt so drawn out. By the time the ending came around, I just didn’t care about the cliffhanger. I’m so bummed because I really wanted to love this fantasy inspired by West African culture!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I just… I don’t understand why this book has so much hype. As a struggling college freshman, I really thought I would resonate with this book, but I just didn’t care. Cath was such a dull character and I couldn’t get into the fanfiction she wrote, even though it took up a huge chunk of the book. The plot was not very driving, and I remember reading the last page and not even realizing the book was over; that’s how underwhelmed I was.

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare

So please please please don’t come at me! Chain of Gold was one of my most anticipated releases because I heard such raving reviews and I loved TID! But this book was so, so boring. The plot didn’t take off until the very end, the rest of the book was very character driven. Which would have been fine, but there were literally eight main characters who all got their own stories. I just stopped caring because it was too much backstory and not enough action.

I am interested to see what all your opinions are, so feel free to leave (nice) comments! And drop some books you don’t think are worth the hype!

8 thoughts on “5 Books That Aren’t Worth the Hype (please don’t hate me)

  1. The only one that made my jaw drop was Chain of Gold but I also kind of understand because I personally found TID boring… I will say that Chain of Gold seems to have a lot more “set up” while TID we immediately have angst, a love triangle, and interesting conflict related to Tessa. Idk whhhhy but I like Chain of Gold better.

    I’m 100% biased in enjoying Children of Blood and Bone but objectively, it was messy. Then I read reviews of the sequel and spoiled myself and it sounded like it gets…worse. So yeah.

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    1. I totally get how people would like Chain of Gold, especially if you are a die hard Cassie Clare fan. I am kinda tempted t read the second book when it comes out, just because I wonder if there will be more action and the first book was almost mostly exposition.

      Eeek such a bummer about Children of Virtue and Vengeance! I haven’t heard much about it so I was wondering how people would like it compared to Book 1. Even though I didn’t love it, it was amazing to read a YA fantasy with an all Black cast of characters!!


  2. I can’t say I agree with you on Sorcery and Spinning Silver coz I did enjoy both, but definitely agree with Children of Blood and Bone. It didn’t work for me either and I tried hard to love it more but different strokes for different folks and all that, right? 😂

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