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I was recently tagged by Jasmine @ The Curly Haired Bibliophile to do this tag. It looks like a lot of fun, and is inspired by Jason Reynold’s book Long Way Down (which I still have yet to read-ugh!).

Since I have not yet read it, I am going to copy the blurb inspiration of this tag from its original creator:

“For anyone unfamiliar with the story, Long Way Down follows Will as he’s dealing with the death of his older brother Shawn and struggling with the decision of how he should respond. In accordance with “The Rules,” he gets in the elevator one morning, determined to get revenge for his brother’s death and along the way, he’s joined by ghosts in the elevator that give him some insight into his next actions. I used these conversations as the basis for my prompts.

So who would join you in your elevator? Let’s find out!”

The Rules:

Credit the creator: Jasmine @ Curly Haired Bibliophile
Give a shout out to the person who tagged you
Include the tag rules in your post.
Tag at least 3 people to join in!

A Character Fueled by Grief

For this prompt, I would have to say Leigh from The Astonishing Color of After. Leigh’s mother has just committed suicide when this book begins, and the rest of the story is Leigh trying to cope with this grief. Leigh is convinced her mother has turned into a bird and is trying to tell her something, although she is unsure what. I would highly recommend this book, it is absolutely stunning.

A Tough Love Guardian

For this prompt, I am going to have to say Gigi from Now That I’ve Found You. Gigi is our main character, Evie’s, grandmother. Evie needs her grandmother’s help, even though she wants her to do something that is not necessarily the right decision in that moment. Gigi helps set Evie straight and help her realize maybe she is pining after something she doesn’t really want.

A Loss of Innocence

In The Year of the Witching, Immanuelle is definitely not the innocent shepherdess she starts out as. In the beginning of this novel, Immanuelle is content spending time with her sheep and her best friend Leah. She obeys all the rules as to not bring too much attention to herself. However, by the end of the novel Immanuelle has been through so many horrors and trauma, and all sense of innocence is gone.

A Character with a Creative Dream

Skye from I’ll Be the One is the definition of a dreamer, and goes after her dream with lots of ambition! Skye enters a K-Pop contest as a singer/dancer, but dancing is her passion. She likes to create her own dances despite the haters who say plus sized girls can’t dance. And boy, does she prove them wrong!

A Parent with Invaluable Lessons

This book is perfect for this prompt because family is such a huge part of the plot. The parents, aren’t giving the most valuable lessons here, but Sophie’s grandma is the one spewing all the wisdom! I love grandmother/gradndaughter relationships, and if you do too you should definitely pick up 10 Blind Dates!

A Character Looking For Acceptance in All The Wrong Places

For this book, I would have to say Reid from Serpent & Dove. Reid is a Chaucer, and an orphan, so he looks up to Archbishop for guidance and acceptance, although he finds out in the course of the novel that maybe he isn’t the correct person to look up.

A Strong Sibling Relationship

The first book I thought of for this prompt was The Paper Girls of Paris, which I just finished this morning! In this book, Adalyn and Chloe are sisters and best friends, but when Adalyn joins the French Resistance to defeat the Nazis, she can’t tell anyone, including Chloe. This leads to many lies and deceptions, eventually ruining trust in the relationship they once had. This sister relationship will destroy your heart.

A Life Altering Decision

For this prompt, I though of Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston. When rumors start flying that Prince Henry and First Son Alex are in a romantic relationship, it would definitely be easier to say it is not true. However, tired of hiding, Alex and Henry come out together, changing not only their lives but also how people perceive their families. I was rooting for this couple the whole time, and this novel had such high stakes, especially for a contemporary.

This was a fun tag! I tag:

Dini @ Dini Panda Reads
Mara @ Maras Folded Pages
Hannah @ Hannah and Her Books

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