4 stars

“Geeks are smart and talented and passionate. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.”

Sandhya Menon, From Twinkle, With Love

Twinkle has always had a love for film making and wants to share her stories with the world. When Twinkle hears about a film festival, she knows this is a chance to finally make a name for herself in the film industry. She teams up with Sahil, a fellow film geek and twin brother of her crush, Neil. This is the perfect set-up, because now Neil might finally notice her! When she starts receiving letters from a secret admirer, Twinkle is positive it’s Neil, but is confused because now she is starting to have feelings for Sahil. If Twinkle starts dating Neil, it is an entryway to popularity at her school and a step to get her best friend Maddie back. But how can she ignore the feelings and fun she has with Sahil?

This is my third Sandhya Menon book, and it definitely did not disappoint!

One of my favorite parts about this book was the style in which it was written. This book is written through letters that Twinkle writes to her favorite female directors. This was super unique and unlike Menon’s other books that are told in a duel perspective.

Twinkle was such a fun character to read about! She was well rounded and in my opinion, realistic. She is craving what most girls are craving in high school: popularity, good friends, and a hot boyfriend. After her friend Maddie ditches her for a new group of girls, Twinkle feels like she needs to find a way into the popular crowd at school. I think this is a pressure that a lot of girls feel and I liked that the author took time to address it. I also loved reading about Twinkle’s passion for film making! This is a hobby that I wasn’t really aware was a thing, but reading about Twinkle’s passion made me want to watch more classic films!

I also really enjoyed the romance in this book! I though the friends to lovers transition was very smooth, and I liked that the author went into detail about Twinkle’s worries that may come with dating Sahil. It showed the readers that you don’t have to have your life completely sorted out before entering a relationship, but rather you should find someone who wants to help you work through your problems. I also really enjoyed reading about Sahil. He was understanding, but wasn’t so understanding that he seemed fake. He got frustrated with Twinkle when he needed to, but also forgave her when he needed to.

All in all, this was definitely one of my favorite Sandhya Menon books I’ve read, right up there with When Dimple Met Rishi! I love the representation that she puts in her books, and they always make my heart happy and leave me smiling.

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