4.5 stars

“Those who said family mattered above all else were wrong. People you love, who love you back, matter above all. Crap people you happen to be related to: you need to stop thinking you owe them a limitless number of chances to hurt you.”

Mhairi McFarlane, If I Never Met You

Laurie has been dating Dan for over a decade. Things with Dan were easy, and although they didn’t talk about it much, she always saw herself marrying him in the distant future and starting a family with him. However, one night Dan abruptly decides to end things with Laurie, and to make things more awkward, she still has to see him everyday at the law firm where she works. Just when Laurie thinks things can’t get worst, Dan breaks the news to her that his new girlfriend (whom he left her for) is now pregnant. After Laurie meets Jamie Carter, the office playboy, in the elevator, the two strike up a deal. Jamie needs a stable girlfriend with a good reputation to impress his boss, and Laurie wants to make Dan jealous. The two decide to pretend to be the office’s new hot couple until Christmas time, where they will stage a polite breakup. Of course, after Jamie and Laurie start to get to know each other better, they struggle to determine how much of their relationship is actually fake…

Not to be over dramatic but I am OBSESSED with this book!

I absolutely fell in love with both of the characters in this novel. Laurie was so much fun and so relatable to read about. My heart was breaking when hers broke, and filled with butterflies when hers did. Not only that, but she is a badass woman at her law firm and doesn’t let any man walk all over her. She addresses the double standards that come with being employed in a field dominated mostly by men, and isn’t afraid to stand up to the back stabbing women she works with. She is so precious and I just love her!

Jamie Carter is also equally swoon-worthy. Although he has a bit of a reputation as a playboy, it is so much fun to watch him change throughout the course of the novel as you see him actually falling in love. One thing I really liked about his character is that he was chasing Laurie. I feel like in a lot of romance books you see the woman chasing after the man, but in this one you could tell he was trying to make the relationship shift from a fake to a real one more so than Laurie was.

This book is not only one of the cutest love stories ever, but it also deals with some real world issues. Laurie is Black and has to deal with ignorant comments from her coworkers, such as the classic “where are you really from?” and such. Not only that, but Laurie has a rocky relationship with both of her parents, especially her dad. As someone in a similar situation, I saw a lot of myself in Laurie and it hit very close to home.

So, basically, I need to read the rest of Mhairi McFarlane’s books right now. This is definitely a favorite of the year for me and I can’t wait to see what the author publishes next!

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