4 stars

“It’s not a weakness to take care of yourself. Asking for and taking what you need to function should never be considered a weakness.”

Alisha Rai, The Right Swipe

Rhiannon Hunter straight up doesn’t have time for a romantic relationship. Even though she is the CEO and owner of the company Crush (the hottest dating app of the modern world), romance is the last thing on her mind. However, the occasional hookup isn’t out of the question, and when one of those hookups happens to be retired NFL player Samson Lima, how would anyone resist? Unfortunately, things go downhill after her ghosts her the next night.

Months later, Rhiannon is positive she is over the hurt of being ghosted, until he reappears on a team with her business rival, Matchmaker. Samson asks for forgiveness and a second chance, but how can Rhiannon trust someone who’s ghosted her?

TW: sexual harassment, cyber bullying

Okay so first of all, can we appreciate this gorgeous cover that prompted me to pick this book up in the first place? And let me tell you, the story inside is just as cute as the cover on the outside!

I loved so many things about this book, but one of my favorite things was the discussion of race and gender in the workplace. Rhiannon is literally one of my favorite people I’ve read about in a romance novel. As a black woman in the business world, she handles the topics of racism and sexism with such grace and integrity. This book addressed so many important issues and put them into a real world context. Rhi is just a badass woman and I love her!

Also, can we just talk about how amazing the representation was in this book? The main characters were black and Samoan, Rhiannon’s assistant was Indian, her best friend Korean-American and plus sized, and Samson’s two best friends were black as well. How incredible is that?

I fell like the author took everything in this book and made it an important topic of discussion. When I found out Samson was a retired NFL player, I thought I would be less invested during his perspective because I’m not a sports person. However, the author incorporated the importance of safety and the dangers of concussions and created a whole new topic of discussion! This is a topic I have never heard being discussed before, and I didn’t even know there were problems surrounding it.

The same goes for the topic of sexual harassment. Of course, this is a delicate topic and the author could have steered clear of making it part of her plot, but decided to go at it and really brought it to the forefronts of people’s minds. She addressed why some women don’t come forward, and why it can ruin a woman’s life.

Also, this romance was just so swoon worthy! Samson and Rhiannon are so precious and their relationship was actually believable. I liked how the author brought in Rhiannon’s past hurts and Samson’s insecurities and it made the couple stronger. It was one of the healthiest relationships I have read about and both respect each other and their boundaries, but also want to help the other overcome what’s hurting them. My heart couldn’t take it!

Basically, pick this book up! It is fun, meaningful, and just so dang cute! I am so excited to read the sequel soon!

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